تنوع گونه ای سرخرطومی های جنس (Col.: Curculionidae)¬Larinus روی گیاهان میزبان Astreaceae در منطقه کرمان

سید علی اصغر فتحی؛ سعیده شهریاری نژاد

دوره 44، شماره 1 ، فروردین 1392، ، صفحه 81-90


  During the growing seasons of 2009 and 2010, same tomato fields throughout Marvdasht  were visited  and  96 isolates of Fusarium spp. were collected from root, crown and stem of diseased tomato plants. Isolates were identified as based on morphological characteristics. They were divided into four species namely: Fusarium solani, F. pseudoanthophilum, F. oxysporum and F. equiseti. These species, being highly pathogenic to tomato, accounted for 47.9%, 18.7%, 22.9% and 10.4% of the isolates, respectively. Of these species, F. solani and F. pseudoanthophilum are the first time reports ...  بیشتر