A Survey of Some Biological Traits and Fertility Life Table Parameters of Pistachio Green Stink Bug, Acrosternum heegeri (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)



Pistachio green stink bug, Acrosternum heegeri, is one of the most injuriously important and key pests of pistachio in Iran. This pest causes major damages to fruits by feeding on them, and transmitting fungo desease Nematospora coryli as studied on a selected population. Biological characteristics and fertility life table parameters of the insect were collected from Rafsanjan area. The bugs were reared on pistachio kernels at 25±1°C, 55±10% R.H. and of 16:8 h (L:D) photoperiodism. The results indicated that incubation period and duration of the first and second nymphal stages were 11.05±0.51, 3.91±0.03 and 4.091±0.06 respectively. Duration of the third, fourth and the fifth nymphal stages of females' longivity up to adult stage were obtained as 5.57±0.21, 5.08±.17, 8.21±.15 and 47.02±3.43 days respectively. Those of the males were found as 4.03±.23, 5.03±.23, 8.16±.23 and 31.77±5.12 days. Student's t-test showed a significant difference between males and females in development of the 3rd nymphal stage as well as in the adults' longevity (both p<0.01). Net reproductive rate (R0;??/?/generation), intrinsic rate of natural increase (rm; ??/?/day), mean generation time (T;day), doubling time (DT;day) and finite rate of increase (?; ??/?/day) were estimated to be 7.87±1.75, 0.033±.004, 63.43±1.77 days, 20.76±2.58 days and 1.034±.004 respectively.