The Family Sphecidae (Hymenoptera), Subfamilies Pemphredoninae, Astatinae, Larrinae, Nyssoninae and Philanthinae from East Azerbaijan Province, Iran



Sphecidae is a large and important family of Hymenoptera. All members of this family are presocial predators of other arthropods and play a role in the control of pest complex. In this study, sphecids were collected from East Azerbaijan province using sweep net, Malaise traps and yellow pan traps. Twenty species of the family Sphecidae (Hymenoptera), belonging to subfamilies Pemphredoninae, Astatinae, Larrinae, Nyssoninae and Philanthinae, were collected from the province. The two species Psenulus pallipes Panzer and Cerceris rybyensis (Linnaeus) along with the genus Diploplectron Fox are new records for Iranian fauna. An identification key has been given for the genera and species, illustrated by figures and photographs.