Design of a Nematode Species Identification Software (NEMIDSOFT), Case Study: Criconemoides (Tylenchida: Criconematidae)



A computer software was designed to facilitate identification of nematode species. The first section of the computer program was prepared to identify the species of the genus Criconemoides. NEMIDSOFT can be easily installed on personal computers with a minimal requirements. The software can be edited by users and developed and generalized to other genera of the nematodes. By having the morphological characteristics and morphometrical data entered in the search section of the software, some of already identified and closely related species in the database are introduced to the user as the most similar species to the understudied populations. The user, based on a description of the introduced species available in the database, is led to select one of the species that is closest to the population. NEMIDSOFT is a very user-friendly tool and is the first designed software for computer identification of nematodes in Iran.