Detection and distribution of Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) in some cereal fields of Hamedan province

Document Type : Research Paper


Agriculture faculty of Bu-ali Sina university- Hamadan- Iran


Barley yellow dwarf disease is one of the most prevalent and economically important virus disease of cereals. Barley yellow dwarf virus, BYDV belongs to the family Luteoviridae is causal agent of barely yellow dwarf disease which can result up to 80% yield reduction in wheat. BYDV is present in most regions of Iran. For detection and study on distribution of BYDV, wheat and barley plants showing yellows and dwarfing symptoms were collected from fields of Malayer, Nahavand and Tuyserkan during growing season of 2020-2021. The samples were checked for BYDV infection using indirect-ELISA. The results showed presence of BYDV in most samples. Positive reactions to BYDV antibody in 80% of the Malayer samples, 90% of the Nahavand samples and 80% of the Tuyserkan samples were recorded. Also, total RNA extraction and RT-PCR were performed using specific BYDV-PAV primers; the most prevalent strain of BYDV in most regions of Iran. To verify the results, a sample with symptoms from Tuyserkan selected for sequencing. The BYDV isolate of Tuyserkan had 97% of homology with BYDV isolates were reported from Kahnouj, Karaj, Yazd and Arak, while it showed the least similarity with other Iranian isolates (about 85%).


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